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Traditional Spanish Food

The Spanish love their food and drink and take it very seriously. While it is certainly possible for Brits to enjoy a full English breakfast or traditional Sunday roast in the main resorts, Spanish cuisine remains very traditional and is one of the pleasures of living in this beautiful country.


In Spain, breakfast is a light meal. Spaniards may start the day with a sweet roll and jam, or toast accompanied by cheese or a slice of ham. The drink of choice is a large bowl of café con leche. Throughout Spain, churros are a popular treat. These lightly fried doughnuts are flavoured with cinnamon or honey.


Lunch is the main meal of the day and it is no wonder that the Spanish linger over it and also take a siesta afterwards! After starting with a soup, salad or tortilla, you will move on to the main course, perhaps grilled meat or seafood with chips, accompanied by wine or water. This is followed by a dessert such as flan, a creamy milk pudding, or fruit, and you will finish up with coffee. Restaurants usually charge from between €7 and €10 for a three-course lunch.


Tapas are popular in the evenings and at weekends, when you can wander from bar to bar, nibbling a few tapas at each. The menu is varied, but favourites include slices of succulent Serrano ham, wedges of cold tortilla, and meat fritters. Tapas may be accompanied by a cool San Miguel beer, a glass of sangria or a chilled Amontillado sherry.


Dinner in Spain is a lighter meal than lunch, perhaps consisting of soup and an omelette, or paella, a delicious combination of rice, shellfish and chicken, flavoured with saffron. The Spanish like to dine late – it is not uncommon to see families sitting down to eat at 10 pm, especially during the summer.

We notice that a lot of tourists give each other great tips about where to go and what to eat. Of course you can get a lot of English food in Spain as well, especially in certain area´s but we advice you to go and try the typical Spanish food as well. The Mediterranean kitchen is very tasty and, even better very healthy!!!

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