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The World Loves Spanish Food

What surprises me is that Spanish food has taken so long to catch up. I am sometimes asked if I think it has something to do with the large number of foreigners buying holiday homes and living full-time in Spain. To be honest, that is likely to have some impact, but it seems to me that Spanish food has been under represented on the international gastronomic map for many years, and its time may finally have come!

There are many new Spanish restaurants opening all over the place every month and lots of bars, pubs and cafes are starting to offer tapas as well. Now is a crucial time for the development of Spanish food in the restaurant industry. Furthermore, judging by the growth in supermarkets stocking Spanish lines, I would say that we will we continue to see more and more Spanish products in shops and delis. The problem at the moment is the exchange rate, which is making Spanish produce less attractive to importers who might soon start switching to alternative sources, like Morocco or South America. Of course, specialist lines like chorizo or Iberico ham have to be brought in from Spain so prices are likely to keep rising…

Chorizo is, by a long way, the best-selling Spanish product in international markets. Importers sell dozens of different types and they are all extremely popular. I’d say that the exquisite premium chorizos in the traditional hoop shape are the absolute favourite. They make the bland, mass produced product they sell in supermarkets seem like a complete waste of time.

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